Nonsurgical Treatment

  • Scaling & Root Planing

    scaling scaling
  • Occlusal Evaluation and Treatment

    Many studies have shown that in the presence of bacteria, increased biting pressures cause periodontal disease to worsen. By evaluating which teeth hit harder than others, it is possible to do judicious spot grinding of the teeth to equalize the bite.

  • Antibiotic Therapy and Personal Maintenance

  • Maintenance Therapy

    During maintenance visits, we review medical and dental histories and discuss any new dental problems. This is followed by an intra- and extra-oral cancer screening, cleaning of your teeth with both ultrasonic and hand instruments, polishing of the teeth, and a fluoride treatment.

  • Pre-Orthodontic Therapy

    It is crucial, especially in adults, to ensure there is no bleeding of your gums before orthodontic therapy is initiated. If your gums are not healthy and any kind of orthodontics is started, there is a greater chance of tooth loss.

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