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We Now Offer New and Exciting Stem Cell Therapy

It is not uncommon for bone loss of the jaw to occur as a result of periodontal disease and infections of the teeth. In the past, our goal has been to halt the progression of the disease process, but now there are more and better ways to grow back bone.


A new stem cell therapy known as Osteocel has proven to be very effective for regenerating bone. We are now using this new and exciting technique in our office. This again puts Dr. Goldberg at the forefront of implant and periodontal regeneration therapies.

Introducing 3D Dental Imaging for Better Patient Care

Dr. Goldberg is enhancing treatment planning and patient care with the advanced digital imaging technology of the Gendex GXCB-500.

He is currently using the latest in dental imaging technology, the GXCB-500, a cone beam 3D dental imaging system. Cone Beam technology is quickly advancing the dental industry’s approach to treatment planning and diagnosis.

With a quick scan around the head, Dr. Goldberg can now view 3D patient anatomy to accomplish better evaluation for predictable treatment results in shorter appointment times for the patient.

Using Dentistry’s Most Accurate Imaging

Dr. Goldberg has chosen this technology to enhance treatment care for patients in the Central Jersey area. Using the GXCB-500 scanner’s high-resolution images, he obtains highly accurate and detailed 3D views of all anatomies such as bone, teeth, tooth orientation, tooth and nerve relation, airways, and sinuses.

This 3D dental imaging is used for implant planning, TMJ and airway analysis, orthodontic and oral surgery planning, and to detect pathologies such as cysts and tumors.

Safety and Convenience for Patients


Dr. Goldberg can now take an immediate scan for patients with lower-radiation dosage and without the inconvenience of sending them to a hospital. Once the scan is complete, he is able to share an immediate visual diagnosis to help patients truly visualize and better understand treatment options.

These preoperative scans are easily shared with other doctors helping Dr. Goldberg perform less invasive procedures through increased precision, thus reducing risks to patients.

“This technology greatly improves diagnostic skills and minimizes surgical risks while shortening surgical time.” — David A. Goldberg



Osseous surgery has been an unchanging component of periodontal therapy since the inception of the high-speed handpiece in the early 1960s. FDA-approved piezosurgery is a new modality developed to contour supporting bone around teeth as well as to remove bone without damaging soft tissue. READ MORE 

Imagine a plaster cast on your arm that needs to be removed. With piezosurgery, the cutting blade does not rotate like normal saw blades, but vibrates. The hard cast is vibrated away, but when it meets the skin, the soft tissue vibrates at the same rate as the cutting blade, and is therefore not injured.

In the case of a spinal-cord injury, the vertebrae can be vibrated away without damaging the soft tissue of the spinal nerves.

This innovative method is well suited for oral surgery in which many soft tissue structures may be involved, such as nerves and sinus tissue. Piezosurgery, developed by Mectron Electronics and Dr. Tomaso Vercelotti, was recently approved by the FDA after being used in Europe for the preceding four years.

Since studying with Dr. Vercelotti, Dr. Goldberg has become the first practitioner in North America to employ this technology, which is rapidly gaining acceptance in the U.S.

GEM 21S®

Turning back the hands of time continues to be the goal of all health care. When bone loss occurs due to periodontal diseases, there is now greater success regrowing the lost bone.

The first approved genetically-engineered healing protein, GEM 21S, is now being used by Dr. Goldberg to regrow bone more quickly and effectively. READ MORE

Straumann® Emdogain®

Emdogain is a protein-based gel used by Dr. Goldberg to prevent root resorption due to periodontal disease or trauma. It promotes the regeneration of soft- and hard-tissue regeneration, including periodontal ligaments, bone tissue, and tooth cementum.


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