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“ If I could give ten stars I would! Dr. Goldberg and his staff are excellent! He is very knowledgeable and extremely thorough. I’ve had some dental issues and Dr. Goldberg was very kind and listened to my concerns. I will definitely be going back to him for my dental care. Highly recommend him and his staff!”

- Laurie C. (4/30/24)

“ Dr Goldberg’s team is absolutely wonderful. Dr. Goldberg Sr. is a soft spoken gentleman and explains all details as he’s going along which is a valuable lesson his son has learned from him now that they’re working in the practice together. I’ve had implants done and I’m extremely satisfied with how the process was explained to me and how it worked.”

- Josephine K. (3/27/24)

“ Kind of funny to say that I had such a great experience with my oral surgeon! Although, it’s true. I had a very tough extraction, and the day I was set to have my follow up the office was closed due to snow. I was hoping to get in the following day, but the office is closed on Wednesdays. Something I also find extraordinary about this practice is that both doctors, father and son leave their cell phones for you on the answering machine.
I called Dr. Adam Goldberg on his cell phone the day my appointment was canceled to let him know that I had some concerns about my healing process. He said, no problem I will come into the office to meet you tomorrow. I want to make sure everything is healing the way it should be. Could you imagine a Doctor who shows up at the to meet their patient on their day off when the office is closed?! This is true professionalism, dedication and care for their patient. Thankfully, turns out I am healing fine it’s just going to be a long process. I feel confident, knowing that these are the doctors who will be by my side through it all. Very grateful I was recommended to them. I would leave them 10 stars if I could.”

- Tara A. (2/14/24)

“ I highly recommend Dr. Goldberg and his staff. He took me on his lunch hour because I had been in pain. He is kind and compassionate and talks you through each process. Do not go to anyone else! Go to Dr. Goldberg!”

- Bruce F. (11/29/23)

“ Dr. Goldberg and his staff were highly professional and caring during my procedure. Prior to my procedure Dr. Goldberg took the time to explain everything clearly and for me to ask questions. I received a personal phone call from him the following morning to check in on my healing. In this era of rapid visits with medical professionals who must see as many patients as they can every hour, my experience with Goldberg Implants and Periodontics made me feel as though I was more than just another patient. I would recommend this practice to anyone, without reservation.”

- Andy D. (10/12/23)

“ I recently had a tooth extracted by Dr. Goldberg and I am happy to report that it was a smooth and essentially painless procedure. Dr. Goldberg and his team went to great lengths to ensure that the procedure was as effective and easy for me as possible, including a followup call from Dr. Goldberg to see how I was doing. Many thanks to Dr. Goldberg and the team at Goldberg Implants & Periodontics!”

- Eric S. (9/1/23)

“ There are truly no words to describe how grateful I am for everything. Shadowing Drs. Goldberg has been an experience like no other. I never expected to gained ths much valuable knowledge and experience. They have gone out of their way to teach me the science and history behind procedures. They always made sure I had a front row seat in everything they did and that I understood why they were doing each step. Above all, they taught me the importance of listening to each and every patient, as well as treating them with the utmost respect and care.”

- Randi R. (dental student) (7/28/23)

“ In the scheme of things, you have helped me so very much to take charge of what I am facing with removal of a tooth under my bridge. Your caring, sincere advice gave me a boost to my general mental outlook. You are one of a kind, not to be taken for granted and appreciated beyond measure. It is hard to express my gratitude in words.”

- Judy K. (5/17/23)

“ Going to Dr David Goldberg and Dr Adam Goldberg office is like having a dentist in the family . The doctors and well-chosen staff are highly skilled at what they do , but always manage to make you feel comfortable and well cared for . I can’t say enough enough about them ; I would highly recommend scheduling an appointment with them .”

- Marie A. (4/21/23)

“ Dr. Adam Goldberg is awesome! While undergoing an orthodontic treatment (braces), I went to the office for a needed gum surgery. I was highly impressed by both Drs. David and Adam Goldberg as they are kind, knowledgeble and outstanding periodontists. The entire office staff was friendly and professional. I was amazed by Dr. Adam Goldberg, who did the surgery after answering all my questions. I was especially impressed by Dr. Adam Goldberg's skill, gentleness, enthusiasm, kindness and standard of excellence. He worked seamlessly with his assistant, Jackie, making sure I was not in any discomfort. He even personally called me the next day to check if my gums are healing well. I feel so much better now with my gum health restored, which raises the quality of my life. I absolutely don't mind driving to the office from NY for such a fantastic experience. Thank you, Drs. Adam and David Goldberg!”

- Kelly V. (3/1/23)

“ Drs. David + Adam Goldberg are the finest periodontists in New Jersey. Their care and bedside manner is second to none. They saved my teeth and gums from decades of despair. If you have periodontics issues, call them immediately. You and your mouth will be happy that you did!”

- David H. (2/18/23)

“ I am so ever grateful for what you and your staff have done for me. You brought my smile back. I am so thankful that there are dentists like you to help people. I am 82 and smiling happy again.”

- Hazel R. (1/31/23)

“ Thank you so much Dr. Adam Goldberg for treatment today. Thank God we met a wonderful doctor here. Dr. Adam Goldberg not only has high professional skills, he also patiently thoroughly understands the needs of suffering patients. Very impressive, comfortable. Even the entire staff is friendly and kind. I highly recommend people coming here.”

- Bob K. (1/16/23)

“ A patient's mother called today to let us know how happy she was with the treatment provided to her daughter by Drs. Goldberg following a traumatic injury. We wanted you to know how much we appreciate working with you, and the kindness and excellent treatment that you provide to our patients.”

- Dr. Tom (1/13/23)

“ Dr. Adam Goldberg was amazing. He was incredibly patient and kind to my severely mentally handicapped son. He not only made it a good experience for my son, but also for myself and my husband. I can't thank him enough.”

- Julie S. (1/12/23)

“ Drs. David and Adam Goldberg are kind and caring providers. I had the most thorough oral exam ever with a complete plan for treatment and continued care outlined.”

- Juana H. (10/3/22)

“ I have been Dr. David Goldberg's patient for about a year. He helped me tremendously when I was in a very urgent situation after a failed root canal. He extracted the tooth in an emergency procedure after my face and jaw became very swollen suddenly and the pain became unbearable. He also did a biopsy of my jaw when I had severe bone pain and found necrotic tissue there. Dr. Goldberg is extremely kind and caring; he always makes time to explain the treatment options in addition to being an excellent and consummate professional. He has often been assisted by his son Dr. Adam Goldberg, who is also a wonderful, knowledgeable and excellent periodontist. Ocerall, I recommend the practice very highly.”

- Anna M. (9/29/22)

“ Dr. Goldberg, his son and his staff are phenomenal. Kind, compassionate, knowledgeable...I am completely confident and comfortable in their care.”

- John T. (8/2/22)

“ Dr. David Goldberg is the most outstanding, professional and skilled Periodontal Specialist I have ever met. I should know, since I have spent half my life in dentists' offices. He truly has hands of gold. Dr. Goldberg's implants are a miracle. If you want to meet real angels, get to know his staff! I feel truly blessed that someone directed me to Dr. Goldberg!”

- Amy F. (7/22/22)

“ Fantastic! Fantastic! Dr David and Dr Adam extracted a fractured molar, placed an implant fixture and did a bone graft. Thanks for the caring and expertise, I had no discomfort whatsoever !”

- Dr. Charles (7/19/22)

“ Everyone here is so friendly. The doctor is gentle and wants the patient to know all he/she needs to and what to expect."”

- Lillian L. (7/1/22)

“ Dr. David Goldberg, Dr. Adam Goldberg, and the supporting staff that keeps that office amazing everyday- thank you! Thank you for kindnes and your compassion every time I walk through your doors. You are the absolute best!”

- Sharon G. (5/24/22)

“ Dear Drs. Adam and David Goldberg, I want you to know that on Saturday, February 5, 2022, Dr. Adam Goldberg gave me the most comprehensive treatment plan of restorative dental work that I have ever had. He included previous C.T. scans, a recent C.T. scan, and x-rays. He was careful to explain how the implants are placed so that nerves are not affected and discussed options to implant placement. I appreciate the thorough explanation very much. I look forward to implant placement.”

- Deborah M. (2/15/22)

“ In February 2008 I was lucky enough to have been referred to an expert in his field of periodontics, Dr. David Goldberg. I knew right away that he was and is the best!! The doctor and his staff (now including his son Dr. Adam) are so very nice, caring, confident and take pride in their work.”

- M.J.P. (1/31/22)

“ I’ve had various dental and gum procedures including a dental implant performed by Dr. Goldberg, and his work is flawless. He is kind, caring, compassionate, personable, and truly the best of the best. Additionally, he has a great office staff!”

- Nick (11/16/21)

“ Anticipating a visit with David Goldberg I was introduced to Adam Goldberg. His affable chair side manner removed any apprehension I felt as to the quality of service I was going to receive. Adam was fully aware of my dental history and was well prepared to discuss my current dental problem. At a point in our discussion he showed me a photo slide that supplemented our prior discussion and enabled me to understand and determine a future course of action. His professional demeanor was exemplary and provides me with confidence that we are mutually engaged in a necessary step in my future dental health. I would have no hesitation for Adam to implement my future dental rehabilitation.”

- Alfred W. (9/23/21)

“ I am so impressed with Dr. David Goldberg. When you read his background and credentials, you know you are getting the best. But being under his care is what makes you know he is exceptional. In addition, Dr. Goldberg believes that putting in an implant should not be painful, and he proves the point.”

- Kathleen (8/31/21)

“ I am extremely grateful that I was referred to see Dr. Goldberg a couple years ago. He is the absolute best at what he does and there is no need to look or travel any further than Cedar Street to find the kindest, most knowledgeable, and gentle doctor in the world.”

- Thomas (5/1/21)

“ I am beyond impressed with my experience at Dr. David Goldberg’s office. Dr. Goldberg and his staff are all I could have hope for in a dental office. If you are looking for an implant dentist whose medical knowledge is encyclopedic, you should consider Dr. Goldberg.”

- Tara (3/22/21)

“ Dear Dr. Goldberg, In over 70 years of dental cleanings, I have never had a better one than Jessica's this week. Jessica was thorough but I never felt that my mouth was being attacked by a machete. She listened to my concerns about my fear of choking during the process and about post-cleaning sores from the suction hose. She arranged my head and the hose so that fluid never collected in a fearsome place and the hose never pulled at a tender tissue. I hope that Jessica stays with you forever!”

- Martha S (2/4/21)

“ For years, even after periodontal surgery, I experienced discomfort and soreness on a daily basis and accepted this as my new "normal". I started seeing Dr. Goldberg less than 2 years ago and he suggested a new treatment "tailored" for me. The treatment was completed in 2 sessions, significantly reduced gum pockets and I no longer have daily discomfort. Dr. Goldberg and his staff are very compassionate and experts in their field. Treatment was quick and painless. I wish I would have found Dr. Goldberg sooner! He has improved my quality of life and now I feel great! I would HIGHLY recommend!”

- Natalie C (1/14/21)
Meet Dr. David A. Goldberg, DMD
David A. Goldberg, DMD

Meet Dr. David

In addition to being dually board certified in both periodontics and implant dentistry, Dr. David Goldberg treats patients with the utmost compassion as if they were family.

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Meet Dr. Adam S. Goldberg, DDS
Adam S. Goldberg, DDS

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Dr. Adam Goldberg shares his father’s passion for providing proper oral healthcare and creating long-term, successful implant results.

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